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Dear Ajay, Another year, another great dealer trip organized by Kris Events! Thank you for making this year’s dealer trip, to the lovely island of Malta, a truly memorable one. I must admit, when you first proposed Malta, I was a little concerned about travelling to an isolated island in the middle of the Mediterranean for almost a week. I was concerned that our dealers would grow restless and become bored being on a small island away from city life. How wrong I was! The overall ambience, the many touristic and historical landmarks we visited and the fantastic food at the restaurants you chose all made our stay seem way too short. Additionally, the Radisson Blu Hotel in St. Julian’s is truly a world class establishment. The hospitality shown to our group was second to none, thanks to your persistence on maintaining the highest quality of service throughout the trip. We are also grateful for your assistance in getting us expedited visas through your relentless follow up with the Consulate of Malta here in Dubai. As usual, Ajay, and for the 9th year in a row, all pre-trip preparations and execution were first grade. Thank you again for your commitment to excellence, a quality shared with us. I look forward to our dealer trip next year.
Business Unit Manager - Global aircon Major
Dear Ajay, Good morning. We would like to extend our million thanks for your support during the Platinum Incentive Trip to Sri Lanka dated 16-21 Nov 2014. With your full support we made the event very successful one and everyone was so happy on the whole trip. I have shared a few snaps that we took during the trip. The distance between Nuwara Eliya to Bentota is quite time consuming, although we manage to stop by the river with the hanging bridge and our gentlemen also went for the water rafting which was great. Nuwara Eliya is an amazing place and everyone was really having a good time in this place specially the elite feeling at the Hill Club, although their food was not that amazing but it was nice , since they felt that they were on the old English style kind of lunch. Bentota was really good, they have a very relaxed and free time to do all the water activities, which they enjoyed immensely. As a whole, Amazing arrangement and support from your end as usual. Our Million Thanks.
Marketing & Event coordinator - MNC Pharma
Dear Mr Ajay, we would like to place our sincere appreciation to Kris Events on the just concluded dealer incentive trip to Amsterdam. The detailing in itinerary, selection of locations, quality of restaurants and food , experience and knowledge of the guides and other advance preparations done by Kris Events were exemplary. During the trip, your presence and personal touch added to the whole experience which our valued customers cherished. wishing you all the very best. regards
Business Unit Head - Global electronics Major
Dear Ajay, I am writing to you to express my customer’s and our appreciation for the dealer trip you organized to Prague in the Czech Republic. The Radisson Blu hotel selected by you was a perfect fit for our program, being in the middle of the city and offering exceptional business service. Additionally, the restaurants and tours were very pleasant and as usual, top notch in every way. Your partners in Prague that provided the tour guide and services also continued the long standing tradition of Kris Events in offering exceptional service and high levels of customer satisfaction. On behalf of the owners and managing directors that accompanied us on the trip, I would like to thank you for ensuring a smooth, hassle free and enjoyable trip. This trip to Prague marks the 8th annual dealer trip we arranged with you, starting back in 2005. We are looking forward to many more. Best regards
Sr. Business Unit Manager
Dear Ajay, Thanks for your mail and we really appreciate your efforts to make the trip successful. We all enjoyed. Most of us have had a wonderful time and experience . The arrangements were good and once again we would like to thank you for the arrangements and Trip. Looking forward to have many more of the same in the times to come.
Sr Product Manager - Global Electronics Major
Dear Ajay, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for organising our recent Incentive trip to Kenya. You took care of all the small detail, especially on a trip with multiple destinations and differing infrastructure and this assisted me a lot to manage our team and ensure that everyone was able to enjoy their trip. It was clear that we packed in a lot on this trip! The facilities were first class, the food was outstanding, the venues perfect. The feedback from the team has been great. Please find attached team photo taken at Masai Mara village. Look forward to working with you in the future.
Director (Commercial) - Global pharma MNC
Dear Ajay, Once again, the recent dealer trip that you organized to Poland was amazing in all aspects. The Le Meridien Hotel that you chose was perfectly situated in the heart of the tourist area and walking distance from historic Warsaw. I highly recommend this hotel to any of your future clients. The highlight of the trip was the train ride to Krakow, and my only regret is that we did not allocate more days to spend in that magical city. The icing on the cake is that you were able to accommodate us into your schedule and accompany us on the trip, which helped greatly in day to day activities. As usual, you handled any issue that came up regarding schedule, location or food quickly and the dealers appreciated the quick response. Also a note of thank you for personally handling all the visa related issues we faced prior to departure. Even though the embassy was located in Abu Dhabi, you managed to go down there on a weekly basis to ensure that we get our visas on time. On behalf of all 14 of us who went on the trip, I would like to thank you and Kris Events for again coming through on short notice and organizing such a great trip that fit within our budget. Once again, it was 5 stars all the way. I look forward to arranging our dealer trip for 2012 with Kris Events.
Regional Business Manager - Global Aircon company
Dear Ajay, EASL logistics and arrangements were excellent, starting from the hotel location and quality of service it was perfect, transportation was timely scheduled and restaurants choices were great in addition the lady assisting us during dinner was very cooperative and professional. All the physicians were happy and grateful with all the logistics and definitely we will be approaching you for next Year EASL at Amsterdam!
Product manager - Global Pharmaceutical Company
Dear Ajay I would like to thank you for the great meeting you have done with us on Feb 24th -27th 2012 in Dubai , the logistics and arrangement were excellent as usual We have done a survey across the delegates attended the meeting and 86% of them have rated the meeting between excellent and very good Once again Ajay thank you very much for such an excellent work experience Regards Mohamed GAD
Neuroscience Director - Major Pharmaceutical company
Dear Ajay, I wanted to thank you for the usual professional handling you showed during ISBD which was held last week in Istanbul Flexibility as well as ability to handle situations instantly, are among few things that added value to the whole job Looking forwards to our cooperation in the near future Best regards Hany
Sr. Product Manager - Global Pharma Company
I am writing this short note as a special appreciation for Kris Events with regards to their managing a successful group travel of our employees and customers from Sept 29-Oct 4, 2011 to Istanbul and Lyon. I cannot pass-on without mentioning the professionalism of our event handler Ajay Bhatia who with his prompt replies (with solutions) and expert opinions contributed in this accomplishment. I and all our guests had a wonderful time; therefore would like to thank Kris Events for this.
Marketing Manager – Major Consumer Company
Hi Ajay, The trip to Kenya was a fantastic experience. Everything went off smoothly and I look forward to having another experience like this from your travel management company.
Wealth Manager – Major Multinational Bank.
Dear Ajay, I would like to thank you for the effort done during my meeting in IBN BATTOTA Gate Hotel . You have showed great deal of professionalism and flexibility that helped me to have a smooth , well organised and successful event , it was really one of the most excellent working experiences I have practiced in Dubai Looking forward to have another working experience with you.
Director – Major Pharmaceutical Company
Dear Ajay, It was a great meeting and a pivotal part of its success is your great support which is appreciated by everyone. Now let us focus our attention to the May meeting to make it another successful one.
Marketing Director – Major Pharmaceutical Company
Dear Mr. Ajay, Kindly I want express my great thanks for you and your team regarding the great effort done to let us have a really well organized meeting, Actually the ideal planning and organization from your side was the key behind this success, from all aspects starting from well organized airport pick up, Hotel arrangement, great punctuality in transportation during our whole stay, marvellous effort exerted by your assistant in Vienna to make our meeting really successful. Last and not the least your understanding of our valued company code which is crucial. Thank you again and looking forward for another future success.
Senior Medical Manager – Global Pharmaceutical Company
Dear Ajay, I just had a meeting with our colleagues who briefed me on the event management from your side. All details were well attended and I highly appreciate your close follow-up.
Business Unit Manager - Global Pharmaceutical Company
Dear Ajay, The organization for our delegates during the ECNP was excellent. Hotel choice, transportation, guide and dinner choices met our guests’ expectations. Thanks for a job well done.
Product Manager - Global Pharmaceutical Company
Dear AJ, Please allow me to thank you for the very well planned and organised EAACI 2010 trip that you handled for us from 4th to 9th of June in London. The pre-planning preparation was great knowing that each and every doctor had the name and number of the taxi driver picking him and dropping him off the airport, the congress bags were ready for us in the hotel and the hotel was really expecting us with a great smile. The hotel was in the very heart of London and only 30 min away from the congress which made it very pleasant for the doctors to walk around and enjoy the place in their free time. The choice of restaurants was great; the doctors were really impressed with the places and the great food. The buses for transportation to the congress were always on time, and waited for us even when we had some delays. Overall, I really appreciate the very well organised trip and the comfort I had in handling my group because really everything was very well taken care off. Not to mention your extra-ordinary follow up on every single detail by sms or by phone, I had nothing to worry about. The doctors feedback was: “The arrangements are great, we are very happy” The trip wouldn’t have been that successful without your great support Aj.
Product manager - Global Pharmaceutical Company
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